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Product Details

Vibration testing machine
Vibration test user interface

Transport simulation vibration tester is designed to assess the damage made to product packaging and internal objects caused from transporting environment.

Touch screen displays can make comparative display on both frequency and time during operating, adopted user friendly operation software, no need for complicate training program.


Mainly used to simulate goods of toys, electronics, furniture, gifts, ceramics, packaging and other products during transportation in different road conditions to determine identify design and production defects. So as to further improve the quality of goods and packaging, increase product ruggedness, reduce packaging costs and eliminate shipping damage.

Complies with international ISTA and ASTM specification on packaging & transportation repetitive shock test (Rotary Motion), ASTM D999 Method A2, BS EN ISO 2247, ISTA 1B


Model EI-6014A   EI-6014B EI-6014C EI-6014H
Rated load  75kg 150kg 230kg 1300kg
Testing dimension 110 x 98cm 130 x 120cm 180 x 150cm 1500  x 1400cm
Maximum acceleration 1.25g 1.25g 1.25g 1.25g
Frequency 2 ~ 5Hz continuously adjustable
Amplitude 25.4mm (1 inch))
Power  240V, 50Hz 415V, 50Hz
Motor Rotary DC Motor or AC Motor
Fence height 33cm  38cm 42cm 900cm
Dimension 120 x 110cm 140 x 130cm 190 x 160cm 1550 x 1350cm
Weight (kg) 169 288 396 400

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