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Specific Gravity Tester (Industrial Standard Density Tester)

Specific gravity tester is an instrument used to determine the specific gravity or density of liquids.

Applicable for acid solution, alkaline solution, saline solution, anti-oxidant solution, food industry, aquaculture industry, medicament and research laboratory quality inspection.

  • User friendly, stable, convenient and durable, just need a step to measure and get accurate relative density
  • All kinds of liquid can be measured instantly without limitation.
  • Device able to set high limit and low limit with buzzer.
  • Only 50 cc of the liquid sample is needed for testing.
  • Appropriate measuring kit can be select to according liquid properties, which is made by Teflon and stainless steel.
  • The machine can show solution concentration directly according to the specific gravity of testing solution.
  • RS 232 Interface, can connect to external mini printer

Standards accordance to GB/T 611, ASTM E 126, ISO 6353, and adopted the buoyancy method of Archimedes principle. Just need a step , which is slightly put the measuring kit into the sample, the density value and concentration will be showed rapidly.

Model  GP-120 G  GP-300 G TWS-300 G
Measuring Range 0.001 g ~ 1200 g 0.01 g ~ 300 g
Density Range ( Glass & Teflon measuring kit) 0.0001 ~ 2.2000 0.001 ~ 2.200 g/cc
Density Range ( Stainless Steel measuring kit) 0.0001 ~ 7.8000 0.001 ~ 7.800
Density Resolution 0.0001 g/cc 0.001 g/cc
Temp compensation Manual Auto
Liquid Concentration 0.1% ~ 100.0%
Result display Specific gravity and concentration
  • Liquid Specialized Frame
  • Support Plate
  • Standard Glass measuring kit
  • Sample Hooks
  • 50 ml Glass Beaker
  • Standard weight
  • Glass Thermometer
  • AC Adapter
  • Instruction book
  • Calibration Certificate
Optional Accessories
  • Mini Thermal Printer
  • Data Cable
  • Stainless Steel measuring kit  (  for Emulsion liquid )
  • Teflon measuring it ( for Acid liquid )

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