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EI-R200Y Rheometer / Cure meter is designed for simplicity and value providing cure testing for mixed rubber to discover the optimal cure time of rubber and characterization of all compounds before, during and after vulcanization.


  • Measure the curing speed, Curing time and de-sulfurization.
  • Adopt computerized servo driver + PLC control module for data collection, memory,  printing test results and real time graph display
  • adopted synchronous motor + amplitude regulator
  • Data interface USB
  • Mold core made by material AISI A2

Accordance standard to ISO 6502 , ASTM D 5289, DIN 53529


Model EI-R200Y
Temperature range Ambient ~ 200°C
Temperature Resolution 0.01°C
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.3°C
Torque range 0 ~ 10 N.m
Torque resolution 0.001 N.m
Torque units ib.in, n.m, dn.mm, kg.cm and etc
Die material AISI A2
Sample volume 4.5 cm³
Frequency 1.7 Hz
Amplitude ± 1°
Curing time 2 ~ 300 minutes
Calculated Data MH, ML, t10, t30, t50, t70, t90, ts1, ts2, Vc1, Vc2 and etc
Controller 15“ Industrial Personal Computer (IPC)
Compressed air 5.0 kg/cm²
Working environment Temperature 10 ~ 35°C

Humidity < 80%

Rate Voltage 240v 50Hz
Dimension 660x580x1300 mm
Weight Approx. 280kg


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Rheometer EI-R200Y

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