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Powder True Density Tester is mainly for determine true density of a particulate powder and granules, the true powder density is the ratio of mass of powder to it’s true volume and the true volume does not included the closed voids present inside the particles. Therefore, it is need to use apparent density measurement to determine the true density of the powder.

The pycnometer method is the only method that can be used with powders and granules, performing density determination using the pcynometer method are complied to German and Europe standard DIN EN 725-7, the pycnomater method based on Archimedes principle.

Application for vulcanized rubber, non-foam plastic, carbon true density, rock or coal and soil, pitch coke true density, abrasive materials true density, pigment density, solid and half-solid asphalt density, cement powder, carbon materials true density by using boiling method, ceramic powder, Ion powder, R&D.

Powder True Density Tester

Powder True Density Tester

Model GP-120 T TWS-153T
Weighing Range 0.001 g-120 g 0.001 g ~ 150 g
Density Precision Specific Gravity 0.0001 ~ 2.2000 g/ml
Powder True Density <1.000, >1.000 g/cm³
Concentration 0.1%
Measuring Mode Liquid & Powder (pycnometer method)
Standard Accessories 25 ml pycnometer set, Liquid Specialized Frame & Pan, Standard
Glass Weight, SST Hook, 50 ml Beaker, Support Board, Power Cable
Optional Accessories Mini thermal printer, windshield, Teflon test kit(chemical), stainless steel test kit(Emulsion Liquid)


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Powder True Density Tester pdf

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