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Pneumatic Press machine / Die sample cutter


Pneumatic sample press machine is mainly used to punch the standard test sample for material tensile strength test, it is help for user to prepare accurate shape to meet the international standard.

This pneumatic sample press machine have a quick change adapter, which is suitable for steel/wood based die cut and dumbbell ejected die cut.

Applicable for prepare test piece of condom, medical glove, soft rubber, plastic film, fabrics, leather, non-woven, card boards, laminates and paper.

1. Die cut and platen quick change adaptor for convenience and save time.
2. Compact design, pneumatic control for
3. Pressing force up to 1500 kgf.
4. Safety device – Dual button operating system, punching speed adjustable

Model EI-P50
Load frame 2 ton
Cutting Force 1500 kg
Air pressure < 0.8 Mpa
Air inlet Pressure regulator & filter
Dies Hard wood mounted dies & Steel-forged dies
Compression platen Ø 160 x 15 mm
Slot adaptor Screw lock type (suitable for various type of die cut)
Stroke 50 mm
Sample Platform 220 x 220 mm
Rate Voltage AC 240 V, 50 Hz
Dimension 300 x 270 x  400 mm
Weight Approx. 40 kg
  1. Cutting board 240x240x(T)20mm
  2. Stainless steel drawer
  3. Tools
  4. Power plug
  5. Air tube 2 meter
  6. Introduction manual
  7. Compression platen
  8. Slot adapter


ASTM, ISO, EN or JIS cutter cutting the number of various types for testing material

Demo video

Data Sheet PDF

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