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Plastic Impact Tester / Charpy & Izod Impact Testing Machine

Izod / Charpy impact tester is used to conduct resilience tests on rigid plastic materials in order to determine their impact fragility characteristics under standard stress conditions, the Izod / Charpy impact energy absorbed in impacting a plastic specimen in an Izod / Charpy test is assumed to be equal to the difference between the potential energy of the pendulum and the energy remaining in the pendulum after impacting the plastic specimen. The test method conforms to ISO 179, ISO 180 and ASTM D256.

It is used for test engineering plastics, glass-steel, ceramics, casting stone, plastic wiring, insulating material, plastic pipe material and other non-metallic materials for anti-impact intensity.
The electronic type adopts raster -display technique of measuring circle angle, with the characteristics of high precision, good stability and wide range of measuring, digital display of testing split strength, impact intensity, fore-elevation, ascending angle, automatic correcting average value of one group for energy losing.

Model EI-ICT5
Impact Izod Charpy
Impact velocity 3.8m/s 2.9m/s
Impact energy 2.75J, 5.5J 1J, 2J, 4J, 5J
Display 7” PLC Touch screen
Printer Built in thermal printer
Rising angle of pendulum 150°
Pendulum impact center to impact blade distance 322mm 221mm
Striker Pendulum movement Pd1=0.5155N.m







Radius of striker edge 22mm
Blade corner radius R 0.8mm R 2mm
Dimension Approx. 550 x 350 x 850mm
Rate voltage 240v 50Hz
Weight Approx. 90kg


PDF Data Sheet – Izod and Charpy Impact Tester

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