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COBB tester

Paper Absorption Tester

The design is based on the ISO 535 paper and cardboard water absorption method (Cobb method) provides basic parameters and requirements. This standard applies to determination of surface water absorption about all kinds of paper or cardboard, but it is not for the accurate evaluation of paper or the writing performance of cardboard.
COBB Paper Absorption Tester can be installed by the user and does not require any special skills. It is supplied ready for use and does not need any special set up.
Applicable for paper, cardboard and corrugated board industry

COBB absorption test

COBB absorption test

Brand Eco
Cylinder Diameter 11.28 ±0.05cm
Test Area 100 cm²
Test Water 100 ± 5ml
Roller length 200 ± 0.5mm
Mass roller 10 ± 0.5kg
Dimension 280 x 430 x 350 mm
Weight Approx. 28kg



ISO 535, EN 20535, GB/T 1540, TAPPI T 441

COBB Value

The value of paper and cardboard surface water absorbing capacity (Cobb): The unit area of paper and cardboard in the certain pressure and temperature, within the same specified the absorption of water by surface to g/m² meter.

The specific formula is as follows:

C = (m2 – m1) x 100
C – Value of Cobb water absorption
m2 – The test piece after absorption water
m1 – The test piece before absorption water


Hand Roller  – 1
Operation Instruction Manual –  1
Inspection  certificate  –  1
Warranty Card  –  1
Blotting paper 200 x 200 mm –  20
Glass Cylinder – 1
Timer – 1

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EI-COBB absorption tester

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