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Multi Function Densimeter / Foam Density Tester

Multi function Densimeter (Industrial Standard Density Tester), also called material density tester it’s capable of performing up to 3 types of density measuring mode, which is determine apparent density for solid materials, bulk density for porous materials and true density for solid powder.

Applicable for

  • Apparent Density is perform density measurement for all type of solid material, such as plastic resins, rubber, metal, wire, non-absorbent material, new materials.
  • Bulk Density for ceramic form, foam, sponge, powder metallurgy parts, sinter oil-bearing, rock, hydrophilic materials.
  • True Density is measurement average density of a large volume of the powder,  abrasive material, cement, carbon, MIM materials, zirconium powder, ceramic powder, ion powder


Adopting buoyancy method of Archimedean principle and the true density measurement cooperated with Pycnometer.

According to the standard of ASTM C 97 , D 5004 , C329 , GB/T9966 , 208, 217 ,  DIN51057, D297, D792, JIS K6530, ISO 2781, 1183, ASTM B311, ASTM B328, MPIF 42, MPIF 57, JIS Z2505, JIS Z2506, DIN 2738

hydrophilic density result
density results display


  1. Infrared temperature sensor detect media solution and auto compensation
  2. HI & LO density limit alarm setting
  3. RS 233 interface
  4. Equipped C3 high performance load cell
  5. Touch screen interactive dialogue mode


Model TWS-300PY TWS-153PY TWS-214PY
Weighing range 0.01 – 300 g 0.01 – 150 g 0.001 – 200 g
Resolution 0.01 g 0.001 g 0.0001 g
Density precision 0.001 g/cm³ 0.0001 g/cm³
Volume precision 0.001 cm³ 0.0001 cm³
Accessories Standard weight, water tank, tweezers, glass cup, anti-float angle sheet, power cable, instruction manual
Optional accessories Thermal printer, windshield, Pycnometer 50ml
Measuring Mode
Density DS
  • Apparent Density 0.001g/cm³
  • Volume  0.001cm³
  • mixture ratio  0.01%
Bulk Density BULK or BK+5
  • Bulk Density  0.001g/cm³
  • Porosity  0.01%
  • Wet Density  0.001g/cm³
  • Absorption  0.01%
True Density T
  • True Density  0.001g/cm³

PDF Data Sheet – Multi Function Density Meter

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