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Mooney Viscometer

EI-MV200Y Computerized Servo Control Mooney Viscometer is used to measure the initial vulcanization characteristics of rubber compounds curing rate and scorch measurement. The principle is to determine the time and speed required for a certain degree of vulcanization of rubber compound according to the viscosity change under specific conditions

The instrument consists of flat, cylindrical disk, driven by a motor to rotate slowly and continuously in one direction.


  • Touch screen control and interface are used to collect, memory, real time graph and print test results
  • Data Points: Initial viscosity, ML / ML 1+X, Δ15, Δ30, Scorch viscosity and cure times
  • Data Interface RS232

Applicable for Rubber, Tires, Reclaimed rubber factory, new polymers, rubber chemicals compound and research & development.

Standard accordance to ASTM D1646, ISO 289, ISO 667

Mooney double sample die block set

Mooney double sample die block set



software interface


Model EI-MV200Y
Mooney measurement range 0 ~ 200 MU
Mooney resolution 0.01 MU
Accuracy 0.5 MU
Temperature range Ambient ~ 200°C
Temperature resolution 0.01°C
Temperature accuracy ± 0.3°C
Rotors Ø 38.10 mm

Ø 30.48 mm

Rotor speed 2.0 ±0.02 rpm
Rotor material AISI A2
Test time range 0 ~ 200 minutes
Closing force 11.5 kN ±0.5 kN
Air Pressure 4.5 kg/cm²
Working environment Temperature 10 ~ 35°C

Humidity < 80%

Rate Voltage 240v 50Hz
Dimension 660×570×1300 mm
Weight Approx. 200kg


Mooney Graph
Mooney GraphPDF Data Sheet
Mooney Viscometer EI-MV200Y
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