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High frequency polymer moisture meter

Polymer moisture meter adopted with high frequency principle based on the introduction of the most advanced technology, it is used for fast and accurate measurement of moisture content in the plastic resin, silica gel, latex, plastic filler, plastic master-batch, nylon, plastic particles, PVC, ABS, PA, POM, PC, PET, PBT, PPO, PPS, PEEL and PES resins.

Polymer Moisture Meter

Polymer Moisture Meter

  • Adopting high frequency principle, the electromagnetic wave scanning ability is strong
  • Rapid measurement, one second can be completed, improve the efficiency of the user’s
  • It can better reflect the moisture content of the material as a whole, with stable performance and accurate measurement
  • Simple and quick species correction function, select the appropriate gear according to the tested object
Model JK-100
Moisture measuring range 0 ~ 100%
Resolution 0.1% or 0.01% Sampling time 1 second
Accuracy 0.2( 1+n)%
Detect area 50 mm
Probe length 180 or 300 mm
Probe Diameter 6 mm
Power Battery
Dimension of meter  85 x 27 x 200 mm
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Resin Moisture Meter

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