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Computerized Control Touch Screen Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

This Hardness testing machine equipped with With high-quality components, ensure the new type digital Micro Hardness Testers working more stable. Protected by the state patent application of the lift & down system. This machine is integrated with optics, mechanics and electricity. It with unbeatable price / performance ratio, widely used in quality inspection and quality control field.

Main Purpose and Application:
1. Steel, nonferrous metals, tinsel, cemented carbide, sheet metal, metallographic structure.
2. Carburization, nitriding and decarburization layer, surface hardening layer, galvanized coating.
3. Glass, chip and ceramic material


Model EI-eVIck-1ATS
Turret Automatic Turret
Testing Force 10g (0.098N), 25g (0.245N), 50g (0.49N), 100g (0.98N ), 200g
(1.96N), 300g (2.94N), 500g (4.9N), 1000g (9.8N)
Test Force Error: ±1.0%
Hardness Scale HV0.01, HV0.025, HV0.05, HV0.1, HV0.2, HV0.3, HV0.5, HV1
Loading Speed ≤0.05mm/sec
Indenter Standard Rectangular pyramid diamond indenter (136º±0.5º)
Min. Measuring Unit 0.01μm
Hardness Value Range 5HV ~ 3000HV
Hardness Value Of Reading Digital LCD Screen
Eyepiece 10X digital eyepiece
Objective Lens 10X (observe), 40X (Measurement)
Total Magnification 100X (For Observation) , 400X (For Measurement)
Loading Method Automatically (Load, dwell and unload the testing force)
Duration Time 1 ~ 99s (each step is 1 second)
HV Software HV Software SystemSystem 5 million pixel camera; camera connect tube and adapter;
Professional HV/HK Indentation image measurement and analysis
software, support automatic measure mode and manual measure
mode, generate test report automatically in word / Excel format;
Software can control machine turret and control machine do test
Maximum Height 90mm
Throat Depth 95mm
Instrument Size 405 (L) x 290 (W) x 480 (H) mm
Net Weight Approx. 40kg
Light Source LED cold light source
Power Supply 220V + 5%, 50/60 Hz
X-Y Testing Table Dim.:100×100 mm, Max. Travel Range: 25×25mm,
Moving Resolution Ratio: 0.01mm
Executed Standard GB/T4340, ASTM E384 & E92, EN-ISO 6507, JIS B-7734


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