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Metallographic Cutting Machine

Metallographic cutting machine equipped with large cutting space and T-slot work table, therefore these machines able to cutting rectangle and thick specimens up to 100mm. The both separate vice is very convenient for operator to clamp various work pieces. It is the ideal equipment to prepare high-quality specimens for the automotive, aerospace, mining enterprises and other manufacturing industries, metallographic laboratory for cutting various samples.


  1. Large cutting chamber with observing window.
  2. Equipped with 65L cooling fluids tank.
  3. Non-burning loss swing type cutting means which improved the cutting quality.


Model EI-CM100 EI-CM120
Max. Cutting Diameter (mm) Ø100 Ø120
Effective sample length (mm) 200
Cutting feed manual
Cutting Speed 2800 rpm
Cutting Area (mm) 250 x 300
Cutting disc (mm) Max. Ø 350
Arbor size (mm) Ø 32
Cooling System Pump / 65 L Cooling Tank
Rate Voltage 415v, 50Hz
Dimension (mm) 1650 x 680 x 740
Net weight Approx. 150kg Approx. 180kg
Standard Accessories

-Step-down Transformer 4kW

-Cutting Disc x 10pcs (Ø350) for Steel, Alu-alloy, copper

-Coolant Fluids


-Locking Vises (left & right)

-Water hose


PDF Data Sheet – Metallographic Cutting Machine

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