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Metallographic Specimen Cutter EI-QG2 is mainly use for the precision cutting of metal, electronics, ceramics, hard alloy, organic material, biological material.


1. Auto cutting function
2. Internal circulation cooling system
5. Preset feed speed
6. Touching screen LCD

7. Both side clamping with closure safety shield



Model EI-QG2
Feed speed 0-36mm/min (Adjustment of step is 0.1mm)
Cutting speed 300-3000r/min
Maximum cutting Φ30mm
Maximum trave X axis 40mm; Y axis 170mm
Cutting disc size Φ150×0.8×Φ20mm
Cutting power 1100W
Power supply 220V, 50Hz
Dimensions 620×650×400mm
Weight Weight: 125kg



Cutting Disc, Tools, Instruction manual

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