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The standard light booth is consisted with six different types of lamps, which is D65 daylight, TL84, UV, F/A, CWF and U30, there is a need to maintain color consistency and quality.

It is used to visual determine color of samples, finished goods or fastness of color, color proofing and color identify with the standard color required in same standard light sources, especially in cloudy days and darkness using the standard light booth to check color of goods is quite important.

Laboratory Light source

Laboratory Light source

  • The lamp usage time record automatically after shut down
  • Branded lamp, stability and durability
  • Can be set up anywhere, its compact design
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized viewing sample
  • Standard according to JIS-Z8724 , CIE-30

Applicable for automotive, ceramics, cosmetics, foodstuffs, footwear, furniture, knitwear, leather, ophthalmic, dyeing, packaging, printing, Inks and textile.

Light Sources Configuration  Rate Power Kelvin temperatures
D65 – Artificial daylight lamp  2 pieces  20 W   6500k
TL84 – Shop light Source, Europe/Japan  2 pieces  18 W  4000k
UV – Ultraviolet lamp  1 piece  20 W
F – Yellow Light Source  4 pieces  40 W  2700k
CWF – Cool White Fluorescent  2 pieces  20 W  4200k
U30 – Warm White Fluorescent  2 pieces  18 W  3000k
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Light Booth

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