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Paperboard Internal Bond Strength Test TAPPI T569

Internal bond strength tester is mainly used in the determination of bonding strength between paper and paperboard. It is suitable for single and multi-layer paper and paperboard, including coated paper, paper or paperboard which coated with synthetic polymer film.
Note: It is not suitable for low basic weight, porous, soft or lower density paper and paperboard.

The instrument is the ability of the paperboard resist the separation between layers, and also the reflection of the internal fiber bonding strength of paper. It is so important that the internal fiber bonding strength can be fully controlled for processing multi-layer paper and cardboard. If the internal fiber bonding strength is lower or uneven distribution, it may cause some problems of paper and cardboard tiled in the offset press which use viscous ink. The test has been widely used in multi-layer board such as box paperboard, white paperboard, gray board paper, white cardboard in the printing and packaging industry.

The indication test unit are lbf/in² and J/m²

Standard accordance to TAPPI T-569, T-833

Paperboard Internal Ply Bond Test

Paperboard Internal Ply Bond Test

Model EI-IBT
Measuring Range

Range-A (20 ~ 500 J/m²)

Range-B (500 ~ 1000 J/m²)


A: ±1 J/M²

B: ±2 J/M²

Sample clamping load 0 ~ 400 N (adjustable)
Resolution 0.001 lbf/in²
Impact Angle 90°
Unit Measuring J/M² , lbf/in²  Switchable
Sample Dimension 25.4 x 25.4 mm
Number of Samples 5 pieces
Display 3.2 Inch LCD
Printer Build-in Thermal Printer
Power 240 V, 50 Hz
Dimension 500 (W) x 400 (D) x 650 (H) mm

Approx. 70 kg


PDF Data Sheet – Internal Ply Bond Strength Tester

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