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Product Details

Computerized hydraulic servo control universal material testing Machine – Force capacity 2000kN / 1000kN / 600kN / 300kN

Computerized electro hydraulic universal material test machine, It’s dual testing space, which is able perform tension, compression, bending and shear tests for all metallic materials, also test for others general materials, plastics, cement and concrete.

These type of universal testing machine separate to main testing unit and control unit, it is combined with hydraulic loading system with digital controller and operating control software.

Load Unit combined with four supports rigid column fixed on the robust base and upper beam, another two supports lead screw are fixed on the cross head, upper beam and robust base, it’s rotate control by motor with reducer, which support and clamp the test specimens to perform tests of tension, compression and bending.

Control unit consisted with computer, load sensors, high-pressure oil pump and the operation part and so on. Therefore, it is a comprehensive control units, all of these configuration are compact in a operation cabinet

Standard accordance to ISO 6892, BS 4449, ISO 75001, ASTM C39, ASTM A370, ASTM E4, ASTM E8 and BS EN


Model EI-XLC 2000D  1000D 600D 300D
Structure Four Column with Two Ball Screws Load Frame
Maximum load 200 T 100 T 60 T 30 T
Grade Class 1
Effective Measure range 2% ~ 100%FS
Flat specimen maximum clamping (mm) 140  75
Specimen clamping thickness (mm) <50 <30
Rod specimen clamping (Ø) 20 ~ 65 6 ~ 40 6 ~ 26
Compression Platen (Ø) 300 160
test space 1000 500 450 450
Clamps operated Hydraulic
Rate Voltage 415 V, 50 Hz

Standard Accessories

Compression Platen, Tensile Grip ( Flat & V jaws), Computer set (Win 10)  with printer, Software CD, Step-down transformer, Software & Instruction manual, Tools, Calibration certificate, Warranty card

hydraulic universal testing machine

PDF Data Sheet – Hydraulic universal test machine

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