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High temperature oven (Nitrogen filled) is a piece of requisite test equipment for aerospace, automotive, R&D and equipment, and other fields. It’s used to test and determine the environment parameters and performance for electrical, electronic products and materials under environment of high temperature, constant temperature or rapid changing temperature.

This test equipment prohibits the test of flammable, explosive, and volatile substance samples; the test of storing corrosive substance samples, the test of storing organisms, the test and storage of storing strong electromagnetic emission source samples, etc.

Brand ECO
Model EI-NHT60D
Temperature Range RT +25°C ~ 500°C
Continue working temperature ≤ 450°C
Temperature resolution 0.1°C
Gas filled valve Nitrogen filled valve and flow rate meter
Oxygen Analyzer High temp. zirconia oxygen analyzer
Temperature sensor K Type
Inner Material SUS 304
Body material Steel plate with powder coated
Sample Shelf 5
Inner Chamber 500 x 500 x 600 mm
Outer Dimension Approx. 830 x 780 x 1400 mm
Rate Power 7.5kW
Rate Voltage 415V 50Hz (Step-down transformer 415v-380V)
Weight Approx. 100kg

Temperature Control System:
1. Temperature control instrument is a PID digital display instrument (TESHOW instrument GB705), single-point temperature control; automatic calculation, PV/SV display at the same time, button setting.
2. Timer Setting: 1 second-9999 hours (hours, minutes, and seconds can be selected), when the temperature is up, the heating will be stopped, and the alarm will be displayed at the same time.
3. Temperature sensing line (K) type.
4. Output is 3 ~ 32V.
5. Current Controller: Solid state relay SSR without contact.
6. Heating Element: High temperature resistant stainless steel heating tube.
7. Temperature Range: RT +25°C ~ 500°C, long-term working is within 450°C
8. Control Accuracy: ±1°C (Constant temperature state).
9. Resolution: 0.1°C.
10. Temperature Deviation: ±5.0°C. (No-load test)

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