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Product Details

This EI-GP series  grinding & polishing machine equipped with the automatic grinding head instead of  manual grinding and polishing, also indicated rotation speed and time setting.


  • Single or Double discs with large operation touch screen, improves the quality and efficiency of samples.
  • It can saved ten kinds of grinding and polishing procedure, set different parameters for different samples
  • Save time, polishing and grinding 6 pcs sample at the same time.


Disc Diameter 300mm or 250mm
Rotation Speed (Rpm) A, 100~1000 stepless

B,  Four speed:  250, 500, 750, 1000

Rotating Direction Clockwise or Anticlockwise
Sample Holding Quantity 6 pcs
Sample holder (diameter) 22mm or  30mm or  45mm, selectable
Time Setting 0~999min
Pressure Method:

Single pneumatic pressure

Central pneumatic pressure


Single Pressure Force: 0~8kg

Central Pressure Force: 0~33kg

Power 240v , 50Hz
Dimensions 725×500×760mm 725×900×760mm
Weight 75kg 115kg



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