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Metallography specimen grinding and polishing

Laboratory Grinding and Polishing Machine mainly used to grind or polish the metallograpic sample surface meet the desired quality by various grit of abrasive paper and polishing cloth. EI-G1 is a single disc, bench top and compact designed metallograpic specimen fine grinding machine, It is suitable for the rough grinding, and fine & half fine grinding the mold specimen.

Equipped with water inlet which can realize the cooling onto the specimen to prevent damaged caused by the heat.

This machine features convenient operation, stable and reliable performance, it’s ideal educational tool for practical laboratory, metal, stone, glass, ceramics, porcelain factories and R&D.

Metallographic fine sample grind or polish is often done by silicon carbide abrasive paper and polishing cloth, it’s placed on a rotating disc.

Grinding polishing machine


  • Simple function with fixed rotate speed
  • Fiberglass body – Anti corrosion and impact resistant casing
  • Smoothness surface, easy to cleaning
  • Lightweight simple function and user friendly
  • Low cost, suitable for low to medium volume applications.
  • The stainless steel water flow pipe is easily adjustable for proper cooling and cleaning of the metallographic specimens.


Brand  :  ECO

Model  : EI-G1

Disc Diameter  :  203 mm / 8-inchs

Rotation Speed :  Single speed 900 rpm

Rotation Direction  :  Counter clockwise

Abrasive paper :  Diameter  200 mm / 8 inchs

Body Material  :  Fiberglass

Rate Voltage   :  220-240 V, 50 Hz

Dimension  :   400 x 470 x 550 mm

Weight Approx. :  15 kg

Demo Video

PDF Data Sheet – Grinder polisher machine

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