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Gold Purity, Karat and density tester

A measurement device  to determine purity, density and karat of gold.  Also we known as 99.99% is highest grade gold, which is expressed 24K gold.

100% is 24K / Density is 19.32g/cm³
Most gold is the alloy of silver and copper except 24k (pure gold). For example, 18k include 18/24 (75%)
gold and 6/24 (25%) copper & silver, or silver & copper. Therefore 18K gold products have different
density according to their different ratios.

Principle – Correspond to the buoyancy method of Archimedean principle

gold purity

Gold Karat: copper & silver alloy Shows CS: 23.9K
Means: And this gold has 23.9K and the leave 0.1K is for silver and copper

Gold Karat: silver alloy Shows S: 23.9K
Means: And this gold has 23.9K and the leave 0.1K is for silver.

Gold Karat: copper alloy Shows C: 23.8K
Means: And this gold has 23.8K and the leave 0.2K is for copper.

Have you notice the result: C is higher / S is lower / CS is in the middle.
Hence, customer will take CS result for reference


  1. The purity of gold,platinum & other precious metals can be measured.
  2. Measure Mode – Gold, Platinum,  Alloy purity
  3. HI & LOW limit alarm
  4. Measuring just need 2 steps within 10 seconds, it’s convenience, stabilization and accuracy
  5. Interface port RS-232
  6. Infrared temperature sensor – auto temp. detection & compensation
  7. Purity up to 0.1%
  8. Touch screen –  user friendly interface
  9. Key Points: Weighing the sample, touch Memory to save the air weight, remove the sample and weighing in the water, wait until stable then touch memory to indicate Karat, purity % and density value directly.

Jewelry Industry, Gold refining and recycling, Pawnshop, Pajak gadai, Bank, Precious Metal research lab

Model TWS-300K TWS-600K
Capacity 300g 600g
Resolution 0.01g
Density Precision 0.001 g/cm³
Karat Precision 0.1 K
Purity Precision 0.1 %
Standard Accessories Main unit with Build-in Temperature Sensor
Standard Weight
Power Cable
Operation Manual
Inspection Verification Certificate

PDF Data Sheet – Gold Purity Density Tester

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