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Glove Testing Machine – Single Column with Long-Travel Extensometer

Glove testing machine is designed to performing force test up to 5kN / 500kgf and perform test as tensile, compression, bending, peeling, shear or cycle test on metallic or non-metallic materials as well..

Applicable for medical nitrile and latex glove, condom, cable, textiles, plastic, research laboratories and many other industries, it is the basic equipment for quality control and physical test.

Elongation - Extensometer

Elongation – Extensometer

Model EI-UT5T EI-UT5
Max. Load Frame 500 kg
Capacity 5 kgf ~ 500 kgf / 50 N ~5 kN
Accurate grade Conforms to EN 10002-2 Grade 1, ISO 7500-1

Class 1,  ASTM E4, JIS B 7721 Class 1

Load range 0.2% ~ 100%
Measuring accuracy ±0.5%
Load Resolution 1/200000
Load Cell Channel 1 More
Effective tensile space

(max. cross-head travel)

Standard 800 & Extra-Height 1200 mm

(1150 mm & 1550 mm without fixtures)

Range of testing speed 1 ~ 500 mm/min
Accuracy of displacement Tolerance: ±1%
Deformation of measured system Min span :10 mm, Max range of deformation 800 mm

Extended deformation span: 25 mm, 50 mm, 100 mm,

range of deformation 5 mm, 10 mm, 25 mm

Accuracy of deformation Tolerance :±1%
Safety Electronic-limit protection, Emergency stop button, over-current protection
Platform moving device Touch screen controller Software & keypad control panel
Return home function Auto & Manual
Overload protection Overload 10%, automatic protection
Dimension Standard 550 x 420 x 1800 mm
Rate Voltage 240 v, 50 Hz
Rate Power 0.75 kW
Weight Approx. 150 kg Approx. 170 kg
Standard Accessories
Load-Cell USA CELTRON S-Type
Driven JAPAN Panasonic servo drive + motor
Display 7’ TFT color touch screen 21” LCD monitor
Computer Branded Commercial Computer with Window 11
Printer Build-in mini thermal printer, 3 rolls of thermal roll paper Branded Desktop Color inkjet, 1 set of Black & Color cartridges
Fixtures Common joint with lock-pin, One set of Tensile grip
Extensometer Long-travel EXTENSOMETER

Elongation: 1200 mm

Metric Gauge length at 10, 20, 25, 50, and 100 mm

Maximum strain: up to 1000% on 20 mm Gauge Length

Instruction Instruction Manual & Software on CD

Pneumatic grip with control device ( For Rubber Specimen), 3-point bending fixture, Peeling grip (90° & 180°),

Tools Included
Warranty 12 months

TAPPI T-494, TAPPI T829, ISO 1924, ISO12625-4, AS/NZ1301.448s, BS EN ISO1924-2, CPPA D34, DIN 53112, SCAN P38 ASTM D1683, ASTM D412, ASTM D4964, ASTM D5733 / 5735, BS 3320
(Breaking Strength) ISO13934.1, ASTM D5035
(Tear Strength) ISO13937.2, ASTM D2261
(Single Yarn Strength) ISO2062, ASTM D2256
(Seam Slippage) ISO13936.1/2, ASTM D434
(Tensile) ASTM D828, ASTM D638, ASTM D882, ASTM D6319, ISO 1924, TAPPI T 494, EN 455-2
(Peel) ASTM D3330, D1876
(Tear) ASTM D1938
(Seal) ASTM F88
(Bond) ASTM F904
(Puncture) ASTM F1306, ASTM D4032, ASTM D120, ASTM F1342, ASTM D5748

Data Sheet PDF
EI-UT1-30 Universal Testing Machine

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