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EI-F1700 Box-Type Electric Lab Furnace is adopted silicon carbon rod as heated element and intelligent auto-control temperature system, SCR control, phase shifting trigger.

The chamber is adopted the polycrystaline alumina fiber and using constant current soft-start control, to extend the life of heating elements.

Universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises to do the powder sintering, high temperature experiments, material handling, quality inspection purposes.


Model EI-F1700A EI-F1700B EI-F1700C
Inner Size (mm) 160x150x150 300x200x200 400x300x300
Overall Dimension (mm) 620x620x900 620x680x1050 640x760x1600
Rate Voltage 220V, 50Hz 415V, 50Hz
Rate Power 4kW 6kW 14kW
Weight 150kg 150kg 400kg
Furnace Chamber 1700°C type high purity alumina polycrystalline fibers chamber furnace, scientific design and with durable, good insulation properties
Heating Element high-quality silicon molybdenum rod (Mosi2 rod)
Thermocouple B-type double platinum rhodium thermocouple
Temperature Controller PID control, auto-tuning function, up to 50 segments heating and cooling program
Working Temperature ≤1600°C
Maximum Temperature 1650°C
Heating Rate 10°C/min
Temperature Accuracy ±1°C
Standard Accessories Door Brick, Crucible tongs, Oven Gloves each one piece
Optional Accessories Furnace Hobs, A Variety of Corundum Crucible, Computer Control Software and Paperless Recorder, etc


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EI-F1700 Laboratory Furnace

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