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Product Details

Fully Auto Micro Hardness Tester

Brief Introduction

It adopts the integrated design of hardness tester and touch screen panel computer with CCD image acquisition system. This micro hardness tester can show the indentation image directly on the touch screen and rapid display the Vickers or Knoop hardness value.  It is a fully automatic micro hardness tester.


  1. 10.1 inch touch screen panel computer and 5.6 inch touch screen to support automatic working and manual operation.
  2. Test parameters set and  select on the touch screen panel computer. it operates quickly and conveniently and displays clearly and intuitively.
  3. CCD image acquisition system
  4. Automatic recognition and shifting between the objective and the indenter, the screen indicates the Vickers (Knoop) hardness value automatically.
  5. Hardness scale conversion function.
  6. English or Chinese language interface
  7. USB , VGA and LAN interfaces
  8. Measuring data save automatically, generate the hardness-depth curve and save on WORD or EXCEL folder.
  9. Consisted with motorized X-Y test bench with automatic focusing and measuring, it is a  fully auto micro hardness tester.
micro hardness test interface

micro hardness test interface


Micro hardness Tester

Fully Automatic Semi Automatic
Automatic functions
  • Automatic turret
  • Test force automatic loading – Dwell – Unloading
  • X-Y working stage move automatically
  • Software with automatic measuring function
Automatic focus Manual focus
Test Standard Accordance ASTM E-384, ISO/DIS 6507-2, JIS B-773
Test Load 10 g, 25 g, 50 g, 100 g, 200 g, 300 g, 500 g, 1000 g
Hardness scale HV 0.01, HV 0.025, HV 0.05, HV 0.1, HV 0.2, HV 0.3, HV 0.5, HV 1
Holding time 1-99 seconds, each step  1 second
Indenter Rectangular pyramid diamond indenter (angle 136°±0.5°)

Vickers indenter

Vickers indenter

  • 10X (observe) and 40X (measure) Objective lens
  • 10X digital eyepiece with encoder
  • Zoom len 100X, 400X
Computer 10.1″ touch screen smart computer with high identification Intel I CPU, RAM 4GHz, 60G
Test space 100(H) x 115 mm
Dimension 520 x 300 x 560 mm
Light source Halogen lamp adjustable
Data output
  • Built-in printer
  • USB interface, it can export test data to USB flash
  • Correspond with desktop printer
Judgement function Able set min & max limit, automatically process judgement function after tested data mark N.G or O.K
Hardness Conversion Able convert to any other hardness scale


Motorized X-Y work bench
Table size  200 x 200 mm
Drive by motor Working table can working automatically by software control (X-Y)
Maximum moving distance 50 x 50 mm
Minimum moving distance  1μm
Moving speed Adjustable
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