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EI-VT Series Manual Type Video Measuring Machine


EI-VT measuring software, powerful, can realize all two-dimensional measurement function, also has patted map, contour scanning, professional SPC products statistics, manual CNC, macro measurement functions. The Z shaft lifting the marble columns, Z can realize the non-contact precision measurement and flatness measurement

Applied to two coordinate measurements for all applications. Widely used in machinery, electronics, watches and clocks, plastic, mold industry.



Model EI-322VT EI-432VT EI-542VT
X.Y.Z Axis Travel 300 x 200 x 220mm 400 x 300 x 220mm 500 x 300 x 220mm
Resolution 0.001mm
Accuracy X.Y  Axis:(3+L/200)μm
Repeatability 3μm
Magnification 24~156X (12~312X  is available)
Measurement mode Video type
CCD The 430000 pixel high-definition color cameras SONY chip
Lens High definition 0.7 ~ 4.5X zoom lens
Working distance 115mm  (Video)
Computer Brand Computer with OEM Window License
Measurement software YR-CSPC Measuring Software (it can realize Z axis accuracy and flatness measurement)
Lifting column Stable Granite column
Instrument base 000 stage high stability of granite base
Illumination Surface and contour illumination both use brightness adjustable LED shadow less lamp
Appearance size 700 x 650 x 950mm 980 x 750 x 950mm 1050 x 800 x 950mm
Instrument weight 180KG 300KG 500KG
Remarks Z axis with linear scaleImage measure heightMeasure flatnessSONY CMOS chip CCD0.7x ~ 4.5x Optics lens

YR-CSPC measuring software

Software can save the date with word, excel, pdf, cad etc.


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