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EI-VM Series Video Measuring Machine (CNC)


It is widely and suitably used in measurement services at various levels or workshops’ inspection stations in various industries of electronics, instruments and meters, cutting-tools and gripping devices, precision machine elements, precision hardware pieces, electronic components, plastic and rubber finished products, semiconductor components, punching pieces, socket connectors, die equipment, automobiles, machining operation, military industry, aerospace, etc. and colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, etc.


XYZ Range 300x200x180mm 400x300x180mm 500x400x180mm
Table Size 550x425mm  650x530mm 750x620mm
Glass Table Size 425x320mm 525x420mm 625x520mm
Withstand weight 15kg 20kg 25kg
Machine Size 1450x1050x1700mm 1600x1200x1700mm 1800x1400x1700mm
XY Accuracy 3.0+L/200um
Z Accuracy  5.0+L/100um
XY Move Speed 0-400mm/S
Z Move Speed 0-100mm/S
Repeatability  0.005mm
Resolution 0.001mm
Light System Surface light: 4 ring 8 section led light

Profile light: LED cool light

CCD 1/2 inch 700 line color
Lens Navigation 0.7 ~ 4.5X step lens
Magnification Optic: 0.7~4.5×
image: 24~158X
3D-probe (Optional) Model AP300:Renishaw MCP10 probe head 2mm or 3mm probe
Software CNC software
Branded Computer 2G RAM, 500G HDD, 23inch Monitor, DVD ROM
Power 220V/50Hz/3A
Machine Weight 600kg 700kg 900kg

Optional part

Auto Automatically change times
0.5X Lens, 2X lens
RENISHAW”0.5um steel scale
Panasonic servo motor, laser probe


Remarks: All of the above are standard fittings, wherein the video card has been directly installed into the computer, all drivers are attached inside the computer case; the product to be replaced according to the demands of the customer will replace separately without notice.


Standard Accessories

Product name Specifications Quantity
Branded computer Lenovo 1 set
Surveying and mapping software measuring YR-CNC (CD) 1 Set
Operation manual of software YR-CNC (hard copy) 1 copy
Encryption key For CNC software 1 pc
Zoom correction plate 1 pc
Electric cabinet 1 set
Video card 1 pc
Power cord 1 pc
Fuse 220V4A/₵5※20 4 pcs
Dust shield 1 pc
Certificate 1 copy
Operation manual 1 copy
Loading list 1 copy


Optional partsThe “ RENISHAW “ MCP probe


Demo Video


PDF Data Sheet

Download EI-VM Series

Download EI-VM542

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