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EI-SP3015B Digital Profile Projector


Widely used for industries such as mold manufacturing, metal work pressing, electronics and metering examination departments.

This instrument is a precision measuring device integrating optics, mechanics, electricity and computation into an organic whole; which is widely used in the measuring rooms and workshops of related factories and plants in the sectors of machinery manufacture, instrumentation, clocks and watches and electronics industries. This instrument can easily and speedily check the profiles and surface shapes of various measured parts; e.g.: various parts, cutting tools and tools of sample plates, punching pieces, cams, gears, molding cutters, tapping tools, etc.


Model EI-SP3015B
Projection screen
Screen diameter φ300 mm
Rotation range 0°~ 360°
Resolution of the rotary angle 1′
Accuracy of the rotary angle 6′
Worktable area 340mm×152mm
Range of X-coordinate 0~150 mm Resolution 0.001mm
Range of Y-coordinate 0~50 mm
Range of Z-coordinate (Focusing) 0~90 mm
Accuracy of the instrument (4+L/25)μm, of which, L = length of the workpiece measured ( unit: mm)
Load capacity of the worktable 5kg
Lighting source
Transmission lighting 12V/100W Halogen tungsten lamp
Indirect lighting 24V/150W Halogen tungsten lamp
Objective Magnification Power Object Visual Field (mm) Object Working Distance (mm)
10x Ø30 75.201
20x (Optional) Ø15 69.599
50x (Optional) Ø6 44.4
100x (Optional) Ø3 26.243




Standard Accessories Qty Remarks
Main Body 1 set
10 x Lens and Semi-transmitted Mirror Group 1 pc
Work table (150 x 50) 1 pc Fix on main unit
Counter (DRO) 1 set Fix on main unit
Presser 4 pcs
Lever (Water level) (Gradienter) 1 set
Dust cover 1 pc
24V/150W 12V/100W tungsten halogen lamp Each 1 set
5A/φ5×20 Fuse 5 pcs
Operating specification 1 copy
Acceptance certificate 1 copy
Packing list 1 copy


Optional Accessories
20X Lens and Semi-transmitted Mirror Group
50X Lens and Semi-transmitted Mirror Group
100X Lens and Semi-transmitted Mirror Group
cradle support (block of dead centre)
V-shaped cradle
locating plate pedal
rounded work table
360mm glass scale
50mm standard glass scale
5X magnifier



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