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Metallography Sample Cutting Machine EI-CM1


Metallography Sample Cutting Machine is used for the first working procedure of metallographic sample preparation. It adopts high speed rotating thin cutting disc to cut samples.

This cutter machine is used for cutting sample material of Metallography and Petropraphic



Model EI-CM1
Maximum Cut-off Width 50 mm
.Maximum Cut-off Height 70 mm
Maximum Specimen Thickness Diameter 50 mm
Abrasive wheel 250 x 2 x 32 mm
Rate power 1.1 kW
Dimension 600 x 620 x 470 mm
weight 75 kg
Rate Voltage 415 v 50 Hz ( Step-down transformer provided)


Standard Accessories

Cutting disc x 10, Step-down transformer  x 1 unit, Operation manual


Demo Video

PDF Data Sheet

Metallography specimen cutter pdf

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