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Dynamic Fatigue Testing Machine

EI-PWS series are ideal for a variety of tests as tension compression flex/bend fatigue (low cycle fatigue / high cycle fatigue / fatigue crack propagation ASTM E647), fracture mechanics (K1c per ASTM E399, J1c, CTOD per ASTM E-1290), damping properties and vibration testing.

Our test systems are designed for conducting tests at ambient temperature, elevated temperature (high-temperature fatigue characterization) and low temperature.

  • Lightweight cross-head and stiff load frame components reduce load frame deflections and increase system performance.
  • Servo valves offer high response and accurate control.
  • Hydraulic service manifolds with close-coupled accumulators improve the response of the actuator
  • Load unit stiffness and extremely low friction actuators ensure high possible test control and resolution, making these systems suitable for both dynamic and static testing applications.
  • Fully self -contained test system packaged for easy relocation and movement
  • Load frame on vibration isolators
  • Vibration isolators for quiet operation
  • Variety of add- on fixtures and transducers, all supported by single – platform packaging: self- aligning hydraulic grips, extensometers, pulsed, reversible p.d. unit, etc
  • Provision for elevated temperature testing with self-contained closed loop cooling



EI-PSW Dynamic Fatigue Testing Machine
Product Type Dynamic fatigue systems
Standard ASTM:E399 ASTM:E1290 Others:JIS Z2241
Material Metal Fastener
Industry Transportation  Institute  Auto/Rail/Vessel  Test lab  Industrial supply  Aircraft industry  Steel works
TestTypes Compression Bend Flexure Shear Fatigue
LoadCapacity Load: 25 kN   50 kN  100 kN  250 kN  300 kN





JIS Z2241


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