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Product Details

EI-F1100  Electric Lab Furnace is a small volume, light weight with intelligent PID control lab furnace.

It is adopted resistance mixed molybdenum as heated element,  dual shell structure and intelligent auto-control temperature system,  polycrystalline alumina fiber.

Applicable for College, institutes, industrial and enterprises doing powder sintering, sintering of ceramics, high temperature experiments, and quality inspected. It is suitable for every one hold it for experiment, convenient and speedy.



Model EI-F1100
Inner Size 100 (D) x 100 (W) x 100 (H) mm
Outer Size 300 (D) x 320 (W) x 420 (H) mm
Heating Elements 0Cr27A17Mo2 alloy wire
Working Temperature ≤1000°C
Maximum Temperature 1050°C
Temperature Control Mode The temperature control system adopted artificial intelligence technology, with PID regulation, self-tuning capabilities, and can be prepared a variety of heating and cooling program
Maximum Temperature Rising Rate <10°C/min
Constant Temperature Accuracy ±1°C
Temperature Measuring Element Thermocouple
Rate Voltage AC240V, 50Hz
Rate Power 1 kW
Weight Approx. 40kg



Standard Accessories

Standard Accessories: Crucible tongs and Glove


Optional Accessories

All kinds of Corundum, Quartz Crucible, Computer Control Software and Paperless Recorder, Build-in printer


Demo Video


PDF Data Sheet

EI-F1100 Lab Furnace


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