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EI-AEL Single-column Electric Vertical Test Stand

Single column Vertical Machine is force load test platform specially matched for HF and NK series force
measurement gauge.
The product is double vertical rod structure, featuring good stability, wide applicable scope and convenience, as well as step-less speed regulation, manual (point) and automatic control switching functions.

Applicable for tests of force load, Insertion and withdrawal, destruction in such industries as rubber and plastic, light industry-textile, constructional door and window, composite materials, electric wire and cable, parts and accessories for automobile, power machinery, scientific research institutes, etc.

  • Electric load, step-less speed regulation, gear drive
  • Compact structure, stable drive
  • Simple operation, able to be used with various kinds of clips


Model EI-AEL 500-200 500-400 500-700 1000-200 1000-400 1000-700
Load frame 500N / 50kg 1000N / 100kg
Travel Stroke 200 mm 400 mm 700 mm 200 mm 400 mm 700 mm
Testing Speed 25-280mm/min, Adjustable
Rate Voltage 240v 50Hz
Dimension(mm) 280x340x780 280x340x980 280x340x1270 280x340x780 280x340x980 280x340x1270
Weight(kg) 38 40 42 40 42 45

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Electric Vertical Test Stand

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