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Paper Surface Roughness / Smoothness Tester EI-BK10A

Paper Surface Roughness Tester / Smoothness Tester is a microprocessor-controlled instrument for the determination of smoothness of paper and board according to the Bekk Method. The ETR value is calculated after the test has been started (50.66 kPa) based on the rate of rise of pressure. After several seconds the ETR value is displayed. During the test the ETR value is constantly re-calculated and updated until the ETR value at 48.00 kPa is the same as the final test result.

Applicable for Paper & Cardboard Testing, Package and Tissue Testing, Surface Property Testing

1. Lists statistics on screen
2. Open throat design enables large samples to be easier set-up and test.
3. Menu-driven software
4. Air volumes auto mode or 1/1 and 1/10th volume air receiver speeds up testing for smoother
5. USB data output


Model Ei-BK10A
Measuring Scope 1 ~ 9999s, selectable on 1 ~ 15s, 15 ~ 300s, 300 ~ 9999s or
Auto ( less than 200s)
Time Accuracy 1000 ±1s
Pressure 100±2Kpa
Pressure Intervals Mode 1: 50.66 ~ 48.00kPa
Mode 2: 50.66 ~ 48.00kPa
Mode 3: 50.66 ~ 29.33kPa
Mode Auto
Vacuum Capacity Large 380 ±1ml
Small 38 ±1ml
Menu Select Air volumes, Pressure interval
Air Source 6 Bar
Printer Build-in Thermal Printer
Dimension 325 x 290 x 430mm
Power Voltage AC 220V, 50Hz
Weight Approx. 30 kg






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EI-BK10A Paper Surface Roughness / Smoothness Tester

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