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Servo Control Carton Compression Testing Machine EI-6001 series

Mainly used to test compressive strength of cartons, containers and other packaging structure, adopts dynamic holding pressure technology, simulates stacking the test of pile, in order to know the compressive strength and impact-resistant capacity of product packaging during transportation and stacking , This machine adopts 4 units of beam-type Load Cell, real-time displayed the force graph on the screen through the computer or 7″ TFT touch screen.

Applicable for Corrugated box, Printing, technical supervision department and research institutes.



Model EI-6001A EI-6001B
Max. Load Frame 5000kg
Capacity 500kgf ~ 5000kgf / 5000N ~50kN
Accurate grade Conforms to EN 10002-2 Grade 1, ISO 7500-1 Class 1ASTM E4, JIS B7721 Class 1
Load range 0.2% ~ 100%
Measuring accuracy ±1%
Load Resolution 1/250000
Load Cell 1 or 4
Effective tensile space

(max. cross-head travel)

Standard 1000mm x 1000mm & meet user requirements

( meet user requirement )

Range of testing speed 1 ~ 250mm/min (Standard 12.7mm/min)
Accuracy of displacement Tolerance: ±0.5%
Safety Electronic-limit protection, Emergency stop button, over-current protection
Platform moving device Touch screen controller Software & keypad control panel
Return home function Auto & Manual ( Switchable)
Overload protection Overload 10%, automatic protection
Dimension Standard 1350mm x 1000mm x 1600mm
Rate Voltage 220v, 50Hz
Weight Approx. 500kg
Standard Accessories
Load-Cell CELTRON Beam-Type
Driven Panasonic servo drive + DC servo motor
Speed Reducer Hi grade Reducer
Displayer 7’ TFT color touch screen 19” LED monitor
Computer No Branded Commercial Computer with Window 10 pro
Printer Build-in mini thermal printer

3 rolls of thermal roll paper

Branded Desktop Color inkjet

1 set of Black & Color cartridges

Fixtures Square compression platen
Instruction Instruction Manual & Software on CD
Tools Yes
Warranty 12  months



[testing standard]:GB/T4857.4 GB/T4857.16 , ISO2872、ASTM D642

[manufacturing practices]:GB/T16491,TAPPI-T804,JIS-Z0212


Demo Video

PDF Data Sheet

EI-6001 series Servo Control carton compression testing machine pdf

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