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EI-2007 Color fastness testing chamber


Colorfastness is a property of a colorant which allows it to retain its different characteristics despite coming across degrading conditions.

Applicable for Rubber, plastics, paints, petrochemicals, auto-mobiles, motorcycles and  textile products


Model EI-2007
Light source Xenon arc lamp rated power 2.5KW
Xenon arc lamp voltage 60V
Xenon arc lamp operating current of 20A
Set the number of radiation intensity, real-time monitoring and automatic compensation adjustment
Test storage temperature control 25~50 Degree centigrade

Resolution: 0.1 Degree centigrade

Test storage humidity control 10~95%RH;Resolution:0.1%
Test time control 1000h
Irradiance 1.00~1.50W/m2/420nm;
Accuracy ±0.03W/m2/420nm; digital set, automatic compensation
Installed clip Both sides can clip sample GB:    135*45mm      10 only
AATCC: 100*75mm      5 only
Sample holder rotation speed Revolution :5r/min; Rotation of 180°/ transfer
Timing the sample clip ≤1000h
Standard board thermometer 40~80 Degree centigrade ,Resolution:0.1 Degree centigrade
Power AC220V±10%  50Hz  5.5KW
Outside dimension 1000 x 550 x 1570mm
Weight ±220kg





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