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EI-1708A Heat Deformation Vicat softening testing machine

Used for the non-metallic materials deformation and softening temperature detection, adapt to the rapid development of plastics industry and improve the level of research and testing of materials.

Applicable for plastics chemical industry and R&D department.



Model EI-1708A Plastic softening testing machine
Temperature range Room temperature 300°C
Heat rate 120±10°C/h(12°C±1°C/6min )
50± 5°C/h (5°C±0.5°C/6min)
Temperature error ±0.5°C
Deformation error ±0.01mm
Minimum temperature resolution 0.1°C
Minimum resolution deformation 0.01mm
Load range 0.75N —50N
Load error ±2.5%
Span test frame 60—120mm Continuously adjustable
Heating power 3KW
Supply voltage AC220V/50Hz  20A
Heating medium Methyl silicone oil or transformer oil
Cooling above 150°C, 150°C the following water or natural cooling



ISO75 “Plastics – Determination of temperature load deformation”

ISO306 “Plastics – Thermoplastic Determination of Vicat softening point temperature”

GB/T1633 “thermoplastic Determination of Vicat softening point temperature”

GB/T1634 “Plastics – Determination of temperature load deformation”

ISO2507, GB/T8802 “thermoplastic pipes, fittings Vicat softening temperature” design made


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