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EI-1703 Drop Hammer Impact Tester


Drop hammer impact test instrument (such as: water supply, drainage, low pressure pipes, foam core layer
pipe, polypropylene (PP) pipes, communication pipes with plastic pipes, etc.) of high impact toughness, but
also applicable in the rigid plastic sheet, impact test conducted to assess the material properties of the anti
external shocks. Machine control system adopts numerical control technology, can impact the number to
purchase and display a high degree, to automatically zero or hammer, drop hammer, impact and can
effectively prevent secondary impacts. High reliability, the height of the ruler


Model EI-1703A
Maximum Drop Height 0 ~ 2000mm
Hammer Weight 0.25 ~ 15kg
Impact Center and Fixture Center Error  ±2mm
Hammer Head  R5mm, R10mm, R30mm
Selected to fit customer requirements d25, d90
Fixture Type 120 degree V shape or Flat type anvil fixture
Controller PLC Control (adjustable setting testing height)
Power 220V, 50Hz



GB/T14152, 14153, 100021, 13664, 58361, 18847, 16800, 8814, GB6112, ABN72026, JIS K 6741




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