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Durometer /Shore hardness Tester

Durometer are used for determining the material hardness of rubber, plastic and other rubber like substance such as neoprene, silicone, vinyl, also be used for soft plastics, felt, leather and similar materials.

Shore hardness value in the range from 0 to 100. Maximum penetration for each scale is 2.5 mm. This value corresponds to minimum Shore hardness of 0 and the Shore hardness 100 corresponds to maximum penetrated.

  • Microcomputer LSI circuit and dwell time base to offer high accuracy measurement & fast measuring time
  • Connecting to PC: The measured value is automatic shown on monitor via USB data cable
  • Test stand capable of applying the specimen to the indenter with sufficient recommended force that allows accurate and repeatable hardness tests to increased stability
  • Automatically switch off after about 2 minutes
  • Portable device measurements at the workplace
Typical Samples and requirements
Durometer Materials
Shore A Soft vulcanized rubber, plastics and Elastomers, Eraser, Bicycle seat, Floor mat, Shoe sole, Rubber band, Polyurethane foam, Nylon webbing
Shore D Hard rubber and plastics such as thermo plastics, flooring and bowling balls, wooden table top, HDPE, vinyl-plate
Shore O Sponge, Cellular Rubber, Foam Rubber, Silicone, Gel-like Materials
Shore OO Light foams, sponge rubber gels and animal tissue.


Model A D O OO
Test Value HA HD HO HOO
Indenter D 0.79

Flat cone  35°

R 0.1

Sharp cone 30°

R 1.2 Spherical R 1.2 Spherical
Spring Force 821 gf 4,533 gf 821 gf 113.3 gf
Test range 10 – 90 Hardness unit
Measurements display Actual hardness, Maximum value, Average value
Accuracy < ± 1 Hardness unit
Resolution 0.1
software & Data cable Included
Interface USB
Other Function Auto shut down, Low battery indicate
Power 4 x AAA battery
Dimension 165 x 66 x 27 mm
Optional Test Stand:

EI-1A :  1 kg +0.1 kg for Shore A

EI-5D :   5 kg +0.5 kg for Shore D


ISO-7619, ISO-868, DIN 53505, ASTM D2240, JIS K7215

PDF Data Sheet

Digital Shore Hardness Tester 

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