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Digital Thickness Gauge with Ceramic Stand

This Digital Thickness Gauge is used to accurately measure small linear distances in mechanical and industrial
processes without reading errors. The tool can check the tolerance level when inspecting process of
machine part. This is an ideal tool for mechanical, industrial processes and laboratory use.


Measuring range 0-12mm 0-25mm 0-12mm 0-25mm
Resolution 0.001mm 0.01mm
Contact foot Ø5mm, Ø6mm, Ø10mm, Ø 15mm, Ø20mm or Ø30mm
Ceramic size 100 x 10mm
Measurement units Switchable between mm and inch
Installation pole Ø8mm
Dimension 110 x 180 x 260mm
Weight Approx. 1.5kg


PDF Data Sheet – Digital Thickness Gauge with Ceramic Stand


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