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EI-ET70CM Copper Wire Elongation Tester 

It’s design for elongation rate test of copper wire, aluminum wire, aluminum magnesium alloy, iron wire etc.

It is critical to understand the tensile strength, working load, and elongation of the wire being used.

The machine adopts mechanical drive screw and the inner high efficiently constant speed motor cycle consisting of fixed speed drive activity fixtures generate on displacement, all the testing data result automatic process and calculation, result display in percentage rate and millimeter

Diameter of the copper wire up to  Ø4.5mm → estimated pulling strength 400kg,
AC Servo Motor, Self-tighten tensile grips, Touch screen controller and build-in thermal printer as well.


Model EI-ET70CM
Diameter of Sample Wire  Ø 0.1 ~ Ø4.5mm
Standard Specimen Length 250mm (JIS Standard)
Extending Elongation Rate 70%
Travelling Distance 600 mm
Elongation Resolution 0.1% or 0.001mm
Measuring Accuracy ±1%
Indication Test Time, Displacement, Test Speed
Speed Control 1 ~ 500mm/min (Adjustable)
Display 4.5” Touch Screen Interface Controller
Fixture Standard Slip Grip or self-tight tensile grips
System Servo motor
Rate Voltage 240 v 50 Hz
Rate Power 200 w
Dimension Approx. 900 x 300 x 500 mm
Weight Approx. 100 kg


Standard:  UL1581 ,  ASTM B 557,  ASTM B 566

Demo Video

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EI-ET70CM Copper Wire Elongation Tester 

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