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Ceramic Form Density Tester – Super Large Size – Porosity Test

Glove ceramic hand form density tester

Glove ceramic hand form density tester

According to ASTM C20 / C134 / C373 / C329, using the Archimedes principle buoyancy method, optional boiling water method, sealing wax method, and the vacuum saturation method can accurately and quickly display the bulk density, porosity, and water absorption results.

Applicable for Ceramic industry, pill medicine, porous material research institutes, construction, geological exploration, roadway research, permanent magnet Sm, Co, Nd, Dy, secondary battery, Li, Ni, Co, Mn and Sm Co, rare earth magnetic material, treating water collapse material.

The machine consisted with 4 measurement mode;
1. BULK : Adopting water saturation method for porous material.
2. BK+ : As same as BULK, With five groups of memory functions.
3. WAX : Wax sealing method for porous absorbent material
4. DS : Solid materials


Model TWS-2000PCL TWS-3000PCL TWS-6000PCL
Capacity 2000 g 3000 g 6000 g
Weighting precision 0.01 g 0.1 g
Density precision 0.001 g/cm³
Wet density 0.001 g/cm³
Porosity 0.01 %
Absorption 0.01 %
Apparent density 0.001 g/cm³
Open pores 0.001 g/cm³
Close porosity 0.01 %
Total porosity 0.01 %
Mixture ratio 0.01 %
Mode Bulk density (Adopting water saturation method) Porous material : Show Bulk density, Wet density, Porosity, Absorption, Apparent Density, Open pores, Close porosity, Total porosity
Bulk + (Adopting water saturation method)
(Five groups of memory functions)
Porous absorbent material : Show Bulk density, Wet density, Porosity, Absorption, Apparent Density, Open pores, Close porosity, Total porosity
Bulk density (Wax sealing method) Porous absorbent material : Show Bulk density directly
Apparent Density Non-absorbent material : Show Density, Volume, Mix ratio directly

1. The infrared temperature sensor can automatically detect water temperature and perform water temperature compensation, except hanging type density tester.
2. With automatic temperature compensation, manual temperature compensation, and solution compensation functions.
3. Directly read body density, apparent porosity, wet density, volume in absorbent product density measurement mode.
4. The density of the absorbent product can be directly read by the sealing wax method.
5. Directly display the value for the development research of new materials. With HI and LO limit functions and buzzer, the device determines whether the specific gravity of the test object is qualified in non-absorbent product density measurement mode: It has the function of two groups mixing ratio.
6. With RS-232 & USB Interface.

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