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Determination of ash percentage

Ash content furnace – A known weight of inorganic material is burnt to ash, the result of ash weight is expressed as a percentage.

The intelligent furnace is an intelligent industrial resistance furnace integrating muffle furnace and
temperature controller. It can be used for sintering, heating, thermal analysis and heat treatment in laboratories of coal, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, scientific research and other enterprises and Colleges.


Model  EI-FC1100
Inner Chamber Size  300 x 200 x 120 mm
Volume  7L
Temperature Range  <1100°C
Accuracy  ≤ 1%
Timer  9999 minutes
Heating Rate  50°C/min (20 minutes – 1000°C)
Rate Power 3500 W
Rate Voltage  240V, 50Hz
Dimension 650 x 500 x 690

ash content furnace

Ash content furnace

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