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EI-3000J Drop Weight Tear Testing Machine


The tester is mainly used drop weight tear test for metal material, the max impact energy can be adjusted within the prescribed limit, Increase or decrease the height of fall and standard balance.

Equipped with 0- -80°C cryogenic device, manual /automatic feeding position system and sample recycling device, safe and protection device.

Computer energy measurement and control system, impact energy collect by sensor and measurement system, and display.



Item Parameter
1 Max impact energy (J)  30000J
2 Max impact speed(m/s) 7 m/s
3 Hammer basis weight 650kg
4 Hammer max weight 1200kg
5 radius of curvature of impact knife R25mm
6 Radius of curvature of support jaw R15.5mm
7 Scale span of anvil block supporting roller and center deviation 254mm±1mm
8 Max hoisting height mm 2800mm
9 Bearing surface hardness of blade edge and supporting roller HRC58-62
10 Specimen specification 300*75*(6-32)mm
11 Cycle of automatically delivering ≤5S
12 Specimen withdrawing device Auto deliver to outside of testing machine
13 Buffer device for surplus energy Double mechanical hydraulic joint buffers
14 Energy setting device OMRON rotary encoder
15 Computer operation systerm Domestic brand computer ,A4 printer,control software
16 Overall dimension 1800*2300*5500mm
17 Weight App. 5000kg






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