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How to Order


When ordering, please provide your name, company name, billing and shipping address, purchase order number, catalogue number, a brief description of the products, price, and quantity.


To obtain a detailed analysis and quotation of your project please call or send a written request. Our professional sales team will be happy to discuss every facet of your project and the applicable services Eco Instrument provides.


Because Eco Instrument strives to remain at the forefront of technology, some of our products may include expanded or upgraded features not reflected in catalogue.


Eco Instrument shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage, implied or statutory, resulting out of the use or inability to use an item sold by us. Eco Instrument will replace or repair any item proved to be defective. Before purchasing our instrumentation, the customer must determine the applicability of the product for its desired use and the user must assume all risks in connection with it.Eco Instrument sells its products only under the terms and conditions stated above; Eco Instrument will not be bound to terms and conditions stated by the purchaser in any offer, acceptance, or other contractual document. Placing an order or accepting delivery of an item shall be considered acceptance of Eco Instrument’s terms and conditions.

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