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EI-VM Series Video Measuring Machine

EI-VM Series  Video Measuring Machine

EI-VM Series Video Measuring Machine

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This kind of instrument is mainly for the purpose of two-dimensional detection, using the fourth generation semiconductor LED lighting, and measurement of non-contact. Are widely used in machinery, hardware, electronics, mold, plastic, PCB board and other industries.



Model EI-VM322 EI-VM432 EI-VM542
Work Bench Travel of X & Y axis 300 x 200 mm 400 x 300mm 500 x 400mm
Travel of Z axis 200mm focusing and auxiliary measurement
Dimension  850 x 600 x 1200mm  1000 x 750 x 1200mm  970 x 720 x 1100mm
Driving Type “Yakong” servo motor
Analytical Reading 0.0005mm
Digital Measuring system Resolution of optical scales: X, Y & Z axes
A set of measuring software “YR-CNC”
Image Pointing System The United States ” TEO ” 1/2 inch 430000 pixel color video camera
High definition 0.7~4.5X card camera
PC Computer Lenovo
Lighting System 8 Zone program source
Electrodeless adjustable LED light source
Magnification ratio  24 ~ 156X (Extensible 12~312X)
 Accuracy      X.Y  Axis: (3+L/200)μm
 Repeatability 3μm
 Transmission mode Imported high precision ball screw drive
Operation mode  CNC Program Control + Rocker
Electric Parameter Input voltage AC220V, 50Hz
Operation Mode 850 x 600 x 1200mm 1000 x 750 x 1200mm 970 x 720 x 1100
The weight of the instrument  330KG  560KG  630KG
Optional parts The “ RENISHAW “ MCP probe
Standard Configuration:
Product name Specifications Quantity
Branded computer Lenovo 1 set
Surveying and mapping software measuring YR-CNC (CD) 1 Set
Operation manual of software YR-CNC (hard copy) 1 copy
Encryption key For CNC software 1 pc
Zoom correction plate 1 pc
Electric cabinet 1 set
Video card 1 pc
Power cord 1 pc
Fuse 220V4A/₵5※20 4 pcs
Dust shield 1 pc
Certificate 1 copy
Operation manual 1 copy
Loading list 1 copy

Remarks: All of the above are standard fittings, wherein the video card has been directly installed into the computer, all drivers are attached inside the computer case; the product to be replaced according to the demands of the customer will replace separately without notice.


  1. Y.Z axis servo motor drive “Yakong”, a high degree of localization industry, stable operation.
  2. Y.Z to use high precision granite, stable performance.
  3. Program-controlled constant-current driving type city of Victoria region 8 LED effect powerful automatic software, can automatically programming, automatic measurement




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