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Product Details

Powder True Density Tester / True Density Meter for Cement, metal powder, wax powder.

Measure materials density is very important for many different industries laboratory to determine the characteristics of materials.

Particle density / true density of a particulate powder,  which measures the average density of a large volume of the powder in a specific medium solution (usually ethanol).

Applicable for:

Vulcanized rubber, Non-foam plastic, Carbon true density, Rock or coal and soil, Pitch coke true density, Abrasive materials true density, Pigment density, Solid and half-solid asphalt density, Cement powder, Carbon materials true density by using boiling method, Ceramic powder, Ion powder, Research & Development department

GP-120 T
MH–300 T
Weighing Range
0.001 g-120 g
0.01 g-300 g
Density Precision
0.0001 g/cm3
0.001 g/cm3
Test Method
adopting the immersion displacement method of Archimedean principle and cooperated with Pycnometer.
True density test ( Solid powder )
Specific Gravity (S.G) test & Liquid concentration test



ASTM C 97 , D 5004 , C329 , GB/T9966 , 208, 217 ,  DIN51057


Standard Accessories

Pycnometer with thermometer, standard weight, air tight windshield, operation manual, warranty card.


Demo Video


Powder True density                                                       Liquid S.G

PDF Data Sheet

Powder True Density Tester pdf