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Product Details

EI-Y300 series  Flexural and Compression Testing Machine 

The Flexural test measures the force required to bend a beam under three point loading condition.

Mainly used to perform the bending & compression test to determine strength of cement mortar and concrete/stone prism

These models include computerized and digital control system, single or dual test space with different types of configurations.



Model EI-Y300 EI-Y300B EI-Y300C EI-Y300E
Load Frame 300kN
Testing Space Single Dual
Capacity 300kN 300kN / 10kN
Accurate grade Grade 1
Load range 4~100% 2~100%
Measuring accuracy ±1%
Load Resolution 1/200000
Effective between column (mm) 260 120 120 / 180 300
Compression Space (mm) 250 250 250 / 190 250
Effective Stroke (mm) 80 100
Compression Platen Ø 155
Loading speed (kN/s)

Compression / Flexural

0.3~5 / – 0.3~10 / 50N 2.4 ±200N / 50N ±5
Hydraulic pump rated pressure 25MPa
Safety Displacement limit protection, Overload protection
Platform moving configuration Hydraulic system + piston+ digital valve AC Servo + reducer + ball screw
Dimension (mm) 900x460x1500 600x560x1500
Rate Voltage 380v 50Hz 220v 50Hz
Rate Power 1.0kW
Weight (kg) Approx. 450
Standard Accessories
Load-Cell 1 2
Driven Digital servo valve AC servo Driver
Displayer Digital indicator 17” LCD monitor
Computer No Commercial PC, window license included
Printer Build-in printer Desktop Color inkjet
Step-down transformer Yes
Instruction Operation Manual
Tools Yes
Warranty 12 months
Compression platen Included
Flexural fixture No Yes



ISO 178, ISO 679, DIN 1164




ASTM C109 / C109M

BS EN 196-1

ASTM C170 / C170M


Standard Accessories

Compression Platen x 1 set

Flexural fixtures x 1 set


PDF Data Sheet

EI-Y300 series pdf