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Product Details

Paper precision sample cutter is used to preparation of test piece of paper and corrugated board, it’s prepare rapidly sample test pieces with exact dimensions for several major physical tests for paper board.

1, Smart safety clamping to prevent sample slippage

2, Prevent operator from unintentionally leaving fingers in the punching area

3, Cast-iron frame, die and punch made of tempered alloy steel, long handle for light and ergonomic operation


Model EI-PSC series
Bending test

Tearing test

38.1 x 70mm

63 x 70mm

Tensile test 15 x 250
RCT Ring crush test 12.7 x 152mm
CMT Concora medium test 12.7 x 152mm
CCT Corrugated crush test 12.7 x 152mm
Parallism <0.03mm
Sampling Thickness 0.1 ~ 1.0mm
Dimension 570 x190 x 618mm
Weight 20 ~30kg



ISO1924/2, 12192, 7263, 2493, 1974

TAPPI T-494, T-822, T-809, T-824, T-489, T-414



Main Unit

User’s Manual

Verification Certificate


PDF Data Sheet

EI-PSC series pdf