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Corrugated & Paper Burst Test Accessories


Glycerol Oil, Rubber Membrane, Aluminium Test Foil, Printing Paper Roll


Glycerine Oil

Information on basic physical and chemical properties Appearance : Colorless viscous liquid, Odor : Odorless, Odor threshold : Not available, pH : Not available, Melting point : 18-22°C, Boiling point : 290 -295°C @ 1013hPa, Flash point : 160°C,  Evaporation rate : Not applicable , Flammability (solid, gas): Not applicable,  Vapor pressure : 0.0023 mmHg @20°C,  Vapor density (Air – 1) : 3.2, Specific gravity :  1.26@20°C, Solubility : Miscible, Partition coefficient (n-octanol/water) : -2.6 , Auto-ignition temperature : ~400°C,   Decomposition temperature: > 204°C,  Viscosity : 14l0 mPa.s @ 20°C,  Explosive properties : Not Explosive , Oxidising properties: Not an oxidising substances
Rubber Diaphragm
Diameter : 80mm, Thickness : 2mm, diaphragm centre thickness : 2.5mm, Rubber hardness: 60HA, Diaphragm bulge resistance: 10mm 170~220kpa, 18mm 250~50kpa.
Aluminium Bursting Test Foil
Value : 11.61kgf/cm²±3%, 9.81kgf//cm²±3%, (1kgf/cm²=98.07kpa), material: Aluminium 8006-H24, Thickness : 0.1mm, Dimension: 50mm x 50mm
Printing Paper Roll
Roll Width: 57mm, Roll Diameter: 30mm, Length: 7 meters, BPA Free (Contains No Bisphenol A), Core Size: 8mm Inner Diameter & 12mm Outer Diameter, 100% Lint Free paper to reduce printer jams, End of paper roll warning stripe





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