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Cement Bending Test and Flexural Compression Testing Machine EI-Y300 series 

The flexural test / bending test measures the force required to bend a beam under three point loading condition.

Mainly used to perform the bending & compression test to determine strength of cement mortar and concrete/stone prism

These models include computerized and digital control system, single or dual test space with different types of configurations.

Cement Bending Test

Standard accordance to ISO 178, ISO 679, DIN 1164, ASTM D790, ASTM C348,  C349 , C109 / C109M ,BS EN 196-1 , ASTM C170 / C170M


Model  EI-Y series300300B300C300E
Load Frame300 kN
Testing SpaceSingleDual
Capacity300 kN300 kN / 10 kN
Accurate gradeGrade 1
Load range4~100%2~100%
Measuring accuracy±1%
Load Resolution1/200000
Effective between column (mm)260120120/180300
Compression Space (mm)250250/190250
Effective Stroke (mm)80100
Compression Platen Ø155

Loading speed (kN/s)

Compression / Flexural

0.3~5 / –0.3~10 / 50 N2.4 ±200 N / 50 N ±5
Hydraulic pump rated pressure25 MPa
SafetyDisplacement limit protection, Overload protection
Platform moving configurationHydraulic system + piston+ digital valveAC Servo + reducer + ball screw
Dimension (mm)900 x 460 x 1500600 x 560 x 1500
Rate Voltage415 v 50 Hz220 v 50 Hz
Rate Power1.0kW
Weight (kg)Approx. 450
Standard Accessories
DrivenDigital servo valveAC servo Driver
DisplayerDigital indicator17” LCD monitor
ComputerNoCommercial PC, window license included
PrinterBuild-in printerDesktop Color inkjet
Step-down transformerYes
InstructionOperation Manual
Warranty12 months
Compression platenIncluded
Flexural fixtureNoYes

Standard Accessories

Compression Platen x 1 set

Flexural / Bending fixtures x 1 set

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